Minute With Mobile

This podcast has gone dormant for now, but we are leaving the content here for you to review. Many of the discussions here are still very appropriate and worthwhile, but please always check for and use an updated resource, if one exists.
Web Versus Native

Brian tackles the ultimate tough question in the mobile field - Web versus Native. He provides a very balanced perspective of where each side is both positive and lacking. Discussions of potential future options that will level if not remove all differences and puts his bets down for the ultimate victor. Take the time to imbibe this great technical and philosophical, but most importantly non-hype based review of the state of the art.

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Blackberry
  • Palm
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
  • Neilsen Statistics
  • "User Experience is divorced from the conversation"
  • "Need to figure out what the user is trying to do, and just do the best job possible"
  • Difference between native + physical vs web + sandbox
  • Context menu are user experience expectation and how to handle it with the web...
  • Web is getting better, web as a platform is continually improving
  • Brian bets on the web
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